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Our inspection team is second to none in our integration capabilities.  We are regarded as one of the best inspection integration companies in the Midwest. Our inspection engineers have had extensive training as well as an inspection lab to perform system testing and execution.

We can provide turnkey solutions including brackets, lighting, conveyors, divert/reject mechanisms, electrical installation, PLC’s, data collection panels, integration, startup, training and 24/7 service support.

Bar Code Readers
Pieper Automation implements industrial 1D and 2D bar code readers on products from printed labels to direct part mark (DPM) in manufacturing environments.  We select the best bar code reader based on your application.  We have implemented systems using SICK, Cognex, Keyence and DATALOGIC bar code readers. 

 2D & 3D Vision Systems
Pieper Automation implements 2D & 3D vision solutions including OCR, defect detection, dimensional gauging, profile measurement, surface features, feedback, data collection part guidance and counting applications.  We have implemented smart camera systems through embedded vision systems in multiple industries.   We select the best vision system based on your inspection requirements.  We are experts in SICK, Cognex, Keyence and DATALOGIC vision systems.

Thermal Vision Systems
Pieper Automation implements FLIR imaging systems to determine heat signature information in multiple industries.  We specialize in communicating FLIR thermal information to embedded systems in order to process the information based on your specific needs.  This includes setting temperature limits on multiple locations on the image, measuring defects based on temperature and fire prevention systems.   We have implemented systems to identify and alarm potential fire conditions in paper converting facilities, looking for fires in outdoor wood yards and determining aluminum casting failure based on the product heat signature.