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Pieper Automation system integrator’s consist of electrical engineers, process engineers, mechanical engineers, designers and drafters are highly skilled in a variety of specialties. Our team can work with your team in a number of capacities to meet your specific engineering needs.

Preliminary Engineering Services

Make sure you put the most appropriate solutions into place. Pieper Automation can provide detailed cost estimates and finished bid documents – prior to project execution.

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Site Survey

  • Field Documentation

  • Safety Evaluation

  • Equipment Layout

Project Management

At Pieper Automation, we deliver more than project management services. Our project managers are also technical experts. That’s a competitive advantage you can put to work for you.

  • Construction Management

  • Capital Planning

  • Procurement

Project Engineering

Pieper Automation mechanical, process and control systems capabilities rival all others. We have the track record to prove it. We’ll apply that knowledge to your project.

  • Design

  • Control Integration

  • Production Planning

Support Services

Solving your automation challenges not only includes a technical solution, it also it requires additional support services for long-term success. Pieper Automation delivers both.

  • Installation

  • Startup

  • Training

  • Remote Support


We are dedicated to increasing efficiency, improving safety and reducing your production costs.

Custom Engineered Assembly Machines

Pieper Automation has diverse engineering experience and proven expertise to custom design machinery to meet your specifications – on time and within budget.

  • Automotive sub assemblies systems

  • Consumer product assembly systems

  • Electrical component assembly systems

  • Industrial product assembly systems

  • Pharmaceutical devise assembly systems

Material Handling and Packaging Systems

Knowing the rigors of material handling operations, Pieper Automation engineering team can develop robust equipment that can meet your specific material handling needs.

  • Case packers

  • Conveyors

  • Labelers

  • Mergers

  • Over wrappers

  • Palletizers

  • Robots

  • Sorters

  • Stackers

  • Stretch wrappers

  • Truck loaders

Inspection and Testing Systems

Pieper Automation has implemented complete inspection and testing systems for companies in nearly every industry. Our experience is your guarantee of performance.   

  • Label and date verification

  • Food product size, shape and quality

  • Package integrity

  • Dimensional accuracy

  • Product count confirmation

  • Air flow and pressure parameters, leakage

  • Component presence/absence

Custom Robotic Systems

Pieper Automation can analyze your system requirements and provide a robotic solution that will improve quality, throughput and productivity to give you the ROI you’re looking for.

  • Case packing

  • Complex robotic assembly

  • End of arm tooling

  • Palletizing/De-palletizing

  • Pick and place

  • Vision guided robots


At Pieper Automation, we can provide any or all of the services you need to ensure a cohesive, on-time and cost effective solution. Our engineers can become an extension of your team, or work with you remotely.

Simple to complex, Pieper Automation can solve your automation challenges with solutions that range from multi-discipline engineering, hardware and custom automation machines to panels, installation, startup and training. We provide premier automation solutions. 


A CMSE Certified Machinery Safety Expert can assess your machine(s) safety, implement solutions to reduce liability, then validate and maintain the results. We provide:

  • Risk Surveys

  • Risk Analysis & Reduction Plan

  • Turnkey Safety Solutions


Greater demands are being placed on control systems today. Systems must be highly intuitive, easy to understand and secure. That takes revolutionary technology, scalability and applied experience second to none. You just found it with Pieper Automation System Integration Team. 

Discrete Control

Control systems technology is constantly evolving. Pieper Automation provides solutions that not only address your immediate requirements but also lay a foundation for future needs.

We have developed solutions that range from:

  • Simple systems containing a single PLC (Programmable Logic Controller); to

  • Complex discrete control systems containing multiple PLCs networked together.

Motion Control

Some of the most advanced motion control systems have been developed by Pieper Automation. Whatever the industry, our experience and support can be your competitive advantage.

  • Servo Control

    • Multi axis

    • Cammed motion

    • Linear motion

    • Pick and place motion

  • Robotics

  • Registration

  • Web tension/Draw control


Quality control is key to success. And improved quality can translate into profit. With so much at stake, make sure your inspection systems are on the mark with Pieper Automation.

Applications Include:

  • Package seal integrity

  • Missing/Misplaced product

  • Registration control

  • Label verification

  • Precision non-contact dimensional gauging

Systems Include:

  • Bar code

  • 2D & 3D vision

  • Thermal

  • RFID

  • X-Ray

Control Networking

Pieper Automation can help you streamline control and information flow to achieve plant-wide optimization with robust networking capabilities that address your specific needs.

We can provide the appropriate control network to integrate multiple pieces of equipment on your factory floor. But our networking experience goes beyond the “norm.” Most of our customers also require a solution that is isolated from their business network. Pieper Automation solutions include:

  • Ethernet

  • Profibus

  • DeviceNet

  • ControlNet

  • CAN bus

  • Wireless networking

  • Serial communications

  • Secured Remote Access Networks

Safety Systems

Reducing the potential for injuries on the plant floor isn’t just important – it’s critical to meeting safety regulations. Take a proactive, preventive approach to reduce the frequency and severity of potential accidents and injuries. Pieper Automation is experienced in all safety categories, from risk assessment to implementation. We can provide complete safety solutions.

Operator Interfaces/SCADA

Make faster, smarter decisions based on real-time visualization of process and product information. Pieper Automation can make your operations more efficient by incorporating:

  • Operator and maintenance screens

    • Troubleshooting screens

    • Line run status screens

  • Marquee Screens

  • Tablet/Mobile device integration

  • Machine Alarming

  • Data Historians

    • Reporting

    • Integration of data to enterprise systems

  • Automated alarm notification systems

Process Control

Improved production. Optimal output levels. Decreased variability. The advantages of process control go straight to your bottom line. Get maximum ROI with Pieper Automation by optimizing existing systems or creating new systems.

  • We design small-scale to large-scale distributed control systems. We’ll work with you to develop the system that fits your specific application.

  • We specialize in developing complete control solutions where design and programming are integrated into all aspects of an application. From installation and maintenance to operator usability and plant integration, we take all aspects into consideration to deliver the optimum solution.


Pieper Automation has provided numerous nationwide roll-out projects that have included control panel and assembly services. We offer control panel design/build capabilities to help supplement your project needs as well as equipment assembly services for existing engineering projects. 

Pieper Automation is a UL certified panel shop geared to meet your project needs.

  • From customer supplied drawing packages; or

  • As a part of a turnkey project provided by Pieper Automation.

You choose the level of service to meet your needs:

  • Pieper Automation can: provide the panel materials; or

  • You can provide the materials and Pieper Automation will provide the labor to build the control panels.

Machine Assembly Design/Build. This may include a machine that you have already designed and built, or it may be a machine that Pieper Automation has designed and built. We also have a rollout team that will implement these repeat systems throughout the world.

Pieper Automation also design/builds process skids that are integrated into the manufacturing process to apply liquids to products. Typically, we build repeat skids, as multiple lines require this type of process skid.